Doing Good for Good Organizations

You want to change the world, and we want to help you do it. Whether you’re an NGO working within rural villages on the other side of the world, a small charity that wants to make a big impact in your local community, or a for-profit business with a mission, Brighter Strategies was founded specifically to help you.

We are committed to:

  • Providing a high return on investment and delivering the outcome we’ve promised.
  • Building client self-sufficiency, not consultant dependence.
  • Addressing your needs in the most cost-effective way possible.
  • Being flexible, responsive, organized, approachable, proactive and positive.

Benefits of working with Brighter Strategies

  • Collaborative brainstorming and strategizing.
  • Quick action – so you can enjoy results sooner.
  • A more efficient and streamlined organization.
  • A simple, easy experience.
  • A budget-conscious approach.
  • Guidance and recommendations on moving forward.
  • Real, meaningful change.

Our Team

Elizabeth Scott, PhD


Elizabeth Scott, PhD, founder of Brighter Strategies, provides thought leadership and high value organizational development consulting in support of a stronger social sector.

Swafia Ames

Managing Director, Organizational Effectiveness & Inclusion

Swafia Ames, is an expert at designing and implementing organizational development and human capital management programs with over 20 years of experience.

Mary Walter Arthur

Senior Consultant

Mary Walter Arthur has been providing human resources consulting services to business for over 30 years. She has experience in global human resources operations and more.

Sheri Bender

Sheri Bender

Human Resources Consultant

Sheri Bender has over 25 years of HR experience. Her specialty areas include compliance, employee relations, training, diversity, team building and coaching.

Marta Segal Block

Director of Marketing & Communications

Marta Segal Block has over 15 years of experience in marketing and communications. She has worked for several nonprofits in a variety of marketing and related positions.

Jack Boyles


Jack has more than 25 years of experience leading organizations as the senior finance executive, cofounder, shareholder, investor, and/or director in startup, rapid growth, turnaround, and consolidation situations.


Nicole Buckner

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Nicole has over 15 years of Human Resources experience working in diverse industries and with companies and organizations of all sizes. Nicole has a passion for building strong partnerships with her clients and understanding their business.

Dione Clemons

Dionne C. Clemons, PhD

Consultant & Executive Coach

Certified Executive Coach Dr. Dionne C. Clemons has served in and consulted for federal and local governments, nonprofits and corporate sector organizations. Dionne provides process-driven coaching to clients one-on-one with executives, entrepreneurs, and career climbers.

Candace Griffith

Candace Griffith

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Candace’s expertise is in strategic HR initiatives, talent management, leadership development, organizational design, company culture, compliance, compensation and benefits, and employee relations.

Fern Hernberg

Fern Hernberg

Managing Director, People Strategy

Fern has over 25 years of Human Resources experience, working with both for profits and nonprofits. Throughout her career, Fern has devoted her energies to helping business owners and leaders accomplish their goals by making the most of their human resources.

Laura Kinney

Laura Kinney

Director, People Strategy

Laura’s areas of expertise include employee relations, compliance, policy and procedure, M&A integration efforts, corporate communication, recruitment life-cycle, career pathing, and training.

Mary Lowe

Mary Lowe

Human Resources Consultant

Mary is a dynamic and polished administrator who helps clients with a variety of supports including benefits administration, recruiting, employee handbook development, and project support.

Payal Martin

Managing Director, Evaluation and Strategy

Payal Martin, MPH provides strategic planning, evaluation, and communications services to organizations who share her passion for advancing social change.

Liyo Yu Masvidal

Senior Associate

Liyo believes the solution to any problem lies in understanding the underlying cause. She is happy for the opportunity to help clients and other consultants with strategic planning, leadership development, and business performance engagements.

Dawn McAvoy B&W

Dawn McAvoy

Senior Consultant

Dawn McAvoy has been a consultant and facilitator for 25 years. Her work includes facilitation, training, talent acquisition and management, coaching, and leadership development.  

Kaye Monroe

Consultant and Executive Coach

Kaye Monroe has been providing professional coaching, consulting and program creation services for over 25 years. She is known for her ability to consistently demonstrate passion and proficiency.

Ann Romosz

Ann Romosz, PhD

Senior Consultant

Dr. Ann Romosz is a skilled researcher and statistical analyst with a focus on program design, implementation and evaluation. She has a doctorate in Educational Psychology from the University at Buffalo.

Randall Thacker

Consultant & Executive Coach

Randall Thacker is an experienced leadership and team coach. He has worked with hundreds of leaders of businesses, government, and non-profit organizations throughout the world.

Jennifer Till, Senior Consultant & Executive Coach

Jennifer Till

Senior Consultant & Executive Coach

Jennifer Till has delivered proven results in leadership development, coaching, and facilitation for the business, government, and nonprofit sectors.

Jonathan Tuteur

Jonathan Tuteur

Executive Coach

Jon is an Executive Leadership Coach and Management Consultant with over 20 years of experience working across numerous industries including Financial Services, U.S. Federal Government, Higher Education, Nonprofit, Retail, and High Tech.

Fernanda Vergara


Fernanda supports a wide range of projects in the areas of evaluation and planning, as well as human capital and inclusion. She is bilingual in Spanish and English.


Brighter Strategies relies on innovative, motivated, and goal-oriented individuals who are wiling to take risks and challenge current processes with a clear vision towards success.

Our team succeeds because of the caliber of our people. We attract, develop, and reward people who have a passion to make a significant contribution to the continued growth of our business. Our team is our competitive advantage.

Brighter Strategies is a unique place to work. Our core values govern not only our business but also how we treat our employees. We offer a fun, challenging work environment where employees are able to thrive. We encourage our employees to grow within the company and we reward them based on our shared success. Interested in learning more about our team? Please send us a letter of interest and your resume.

Are you a seasoned consultant looking for project based work? Brighter Strategies completes a diverse range of projects varying in magnitude and complexity. We actively seek partners who understand and complement our in-house team, as well as bring new skills and ideas to our potential project. Interested in learning more about our partnering opportunities? Please reach out to us via to start the process.

Brighter Strategies Brighter Future Fund

We share our clients’ passion for making a change in the world and believe lifelong learning should be everyone’s goal. The Brighter Future Fund supports educated-related nonprofits and requests in the D.C. area.

We welcome support from others interested in these goals.


After attending their training workshop, I decided to hire Brighter Strategies to help my agency develop a logic model for a challenging grant application. Thanks to their help we got the grant! The consultant I worked with is experienced, knowledgeable and responsive. I confidently recommend them to anyone in need of nonprofit planning and management consulting.

Virginia Legal Aid Society logoDavid Neumeyer, Executive Director, Virginia Legal Aid

As a nonprofit, we needed an outside expert who understood our unique structure as well as the services we provide. Brighter Strategies facilitated our strategic planning, empowered us to focus on quality and service while exploring our broader vision and delivered results. Their expertise has helped our organization measure success as we have moved forward in meaningful ways.

MVLE logoApril Pinch-Keeler, President, MVLE, Inc.

Brighter Strategies uses innovative tools to help us examine how our team is developing professionally and achieving our organization’s goals. We’ve had many ‘aha moments’ during our sessions using their ideas throughout the year to improve how we accomplish our work—from healthy group dynamics to understanding and mitigating conflicts to planning new initiatives.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops logoNathalie Lummert, Associate Director Children's Services, United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Migration and Refugee Services

If you seek a partner who takes a fresh approach to your organization’s leadership concerns, goals or vision – there is none better than Brighter Strategies. Their approach to group process is so engaging that the very people who resisted will thank you for the learning opportunity.

InterAction logoSabrina Sojourner, Executive Office Coordinator Office of the President & CEO, InterAction

Brighter Strategies was a perfect match for our Rotary Club by providing excellent coaching for our Strategic Planning Process as well as enabling us to achieve a polished product in a very efficient manner. The Brighter Strategies team was always available for guidance in each step of our process, provided impartiality that was greatly needed among our very diverse thinking membership and led two very fast moving productive workshops resulting in our Club Vision and Goals for the year. Many kudos to a great organization!

The Rotary Club of Carroll Creek logoThe Rotary Club of Carroll Creek, Frederick, MD