5 employees at a nonprofit link their fingers together to form the outline of a star.

Brighter Strategies’ 2019 Nonprofit Culture Study

Brighter Strategies, in partnership with Human Synergistics, is launching our biennial nonprofit culture study. The results of this research will bring visibility to the importance of workplace culture and the attributes that distinguish high performing nonprofits. This study is also a unique opportunity for you to learn about your culture and how it is impacting your outcomes.

Our first study in 2017 helped us show organizations where their ideal culture and current culture differed, and explore differences between staff and leadership views on culture. It did not surprise us to learn that the organizations that viewed themselves as the most successful at reaching goals also had a strong connection between current and ideal culture.

By participating in the study you will receive:

  • An executive summary of your ideal culture and current culture based on the response of team members.
  • A one hour debrief of results from an accredited consultant with Brighter Strategies.  This debrief will include a review of results, discussion about how culture is impacting effectiveness and sharing a roadmap for effective change management.
  • Advance access to the final research study so you may compare your results to the overall study results and learn from the associated best practices and recommendations for effective change management.  The specific results for your nonprofit will not be separated and identified in the final report.

The cost to participate in the study is determined by a sliding scale based on the size of your organization.

Culture is critical for effective hiring, retention, engagement, employee satisfaction and other areas that are important for sustainable effectiveness.  We hope you will take advantage of this unique opportunity and look forward to discussing the process and any questions you may have. To find out more about the study, and how you can participate, please contact Marta Segal Block at marta@brighterstrategies.com.