According to Forbes, executives spend up to 50% of our work time in meetings. What’s worse is that about half of meeting participants find the meetings pointless (or worse, painful) and 73% of people spend the meeting time doing other work (which of course contributes to the meeting being ineffective). Yet, we all still keep meeting and most of keep planning meetings the same way we always have. That’s because most organizations do not have the resources to bring in professional meeting planners for simple, daily or weekly meetings, Unfortunately, those regular meetings are the meetings with the most potential to help your organization grow.

One of the main problems with most regular meetings is a lack of planning and a weak, or hidden, agenda. Planning a meeting can be especially difficult if you work with a virtual team, as so many of us do today. Busy schedules and on-hand distractions like cellphones means it is more important than ever that you carefully plan and create your meetings.

With clearly defined and timed tasks, as well as helpful graphic organizers, our new meeting planner guide is designed to help you create better, more productive meetings. Whether you’ve been running meetings for years, or are new to a leadership role, taking a look at how you organize and present information to your team is a necessary step.

This image describes the importance and process of a business meeting planner.

This January, we hope you make a goal of better defining and running your meetings. Please download our Meeting Planning Guide here.  If you need more help determining where your meetings or agendas are lacking, please contact us at

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Meeting Planner

You can’t reach a goal if you can’t set it. Our Meeting Planner guide helps you create the perfect agenda for your meeting. Helpful visual aids and detailed descriptions will guide you through the process of creating a productive and engaging meeting.

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