remote work

With the recent international health news, you might be thinking about creative ways to do productive work while avoiding large group gatherings and travel. So are we. We recently made the decision to move our eight-month management training class online, so as to avoid potential cancellations. We are lucky that we are already a fully remote team and therefore well versed in implementing industry best practices for remote work. We take full advantage of available technology to work effectively whether we are in the same room or virtual, both internally and with clients.

Even when the headlines aren’t about a global pandemic, many organizations deal with severe weather and other disruptive events. Recently, I was told a story about an office that had a power outage. They encouraged staff to work from home, but then discovered that no one ever brought their company-issued laptop home. The company lost a day of work. Today, having a plan in place for remote work, when necessary, is an important part of your organizational strategy.

For those of you who are current clients, we are happy re-imagine our approach to your work, or our proposed work with you, to accommodate remote work and meetings. We are fully equipped to conduct remote meetings, big or small. Our remote facilitation strategies are different from our in-person ones, but we believe they can be equally effective in many ways. Our team is trained on remote facilitation techniques, and we are confident that we can find a way to ensure your work goes on without risking either the quality of the work or anyone’s health!

This article about trends in telework is a great place to start learning about how remote work options are changing the landscape for many organizations.