We know  that approximately 70 percent of change efforts fail, in part because organizational culture isn’t considered. Culture—the shared values, beliefs, and norms that guide an organization—is different in every context; however, there are some common characteristics of any effective and engaged culture. We recently held a virtual lunch and learn to explore the DNA of a highly engaged culture and examine organization’s current Covid-19 culture situation.

We all know that the best-laid plans can go astray. Many of us have seen this played out in an organizational context, especially over the past several months. We struggle to translate theory and knowledge into the practice of inspiring people. We struggle to help our organizations realize a larger impact in the community, or to facilitate change with an eye toward improved performance. For some organizations, a global pandemic disrupting business as usual added its own set of complications to an already difficult situation.

If you were unable to attend the Lunch & Learn, you can watch the video here. You can also download the culture pandemic worksheet below so that you can assess your organization’s culture during this unusual time.

How to Improve Operations & Culture After the Pandemic

The Covid-19 crisis caused many organizations to regroup quickly. Now that a few months have passed, it’s time to evaluate your current culture. What organizational behaviors have you adopted? What elements of your culture have changed? Which of these changes do you want to keep going forward? This worksheet walks you through an exercise to help you determine your next steps.

What Do You Want to Keep When the Pandemic is Over ebook