By Margo Bailey, PhD

Who wants to think about a cold December in hot, hazy, and humid July? You do! Now is the time to begin implementation of your end-of-year fundraising activities. Waiting until the beginning of Fall 2013 may make it difficult to reach your year-end goals because you will not get your appeal out early, and lose opportunities for well-timed reminders.

A successful year-end campaign has several characteristics:

  • A clear statement about organizational or client accomplishments during 2013 to let potential donors know your program impacts.
  • Suggested donation dollar amounts are aligned to client needs for the winter season.  For example, a $90 donation will purchase 3 winter coats for children.
  • An updated name and address mailing list to support direct mail letters – Yes! Sending letters is still an effective way to reach some of your important donors.
  • A well maintained website with an accessible donation feature makes it easy for the web-savvy donor to quickly receive contribution acknowledgements and receipts for tax planning.
  • Active board member engagement in the year-end outreach activities will show potential donors that your board members care about your organization.

What are your suggestions for implementing successful year-end fundraising activities?