By Margo Bailey, PhD

As we approach the close of the grant-writing season it’s a good time to ask, “Is it time to rethink how we carry out our grant seeking process?“

Here are three grant-seeking readiness areas that deserve special attention.

  • Strong grant identification requires having a clear strategy and a shared internal vision for the organization and its programs. These elements ensure your organization identifies grants that best meet its needs, avoiding the problem of trying to “fit” a grant to the program.
  • Application grant readiness includes support from the your budget staff, having readily available standard grant documents, enough time, and a good project manager to oversee the process.
  • Sustainable partnerships help maintain strong relationships with current funders and create opportunities for building relationships with new grant-makers. If your organization constantly changes its partnerships funders will question your capacity to continuously deliver high quality services.

Improved performance in these grant-seeking readiness areas will increase your capacity to diversify sources for your grant revenue.

What are other important questions to ask at the close of the grant-writing season?