Brighter Strategies' 50+ interview questions to find your best employees.
No matter which side of the desk you sit on, interviewing is hard. The wrong interview questions can seem artificial or complicated, or they can fail to reveal any information about the candidate. Interviewers and candidates alike can both get bored by answering and asking the same questions over and over again.

If you’re looking for new ideas, we’ve prepared a  list of over 50 interview questions designed to help you come up with the best ways of assessing your next team member. Having a variety of questions to choose from can help keep your interviews interesting. We have divided the questions into categories so that you can easily find the type of question that will help you best in your hiring process.

For job candidates, reviewing potential questions ahead of time is a great way to prevent nervous answers that don’t reveal you at your best.

Stay tuned all month as we dive into issues of hiring, employment and team building.

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50+ Interview Questions to Help You Find Your Best Employees

No matter which side of the desk you’re sitting on, interviewing is hard. This list of over 50 great interview questions divided into categories can help you prep for any upcoming interview.

50+ Interview Questions to Find Your Best Employees ebook