Working in a nonprofit can often feel a little lonely at the end of the year. December is the biggest fundraising month of the year. So, while your friends at for-profit businesses are researching next year’s trends, you’re still trying to finish off this year. We’ve reviewed some of the research about what nonprofit trends you can expect in 2022.

2022 Nonprofit Trends: Financial

According to PNC, many nonprofits expect their budgets to increase. Over 10%  expect it to increase significantly. Those expecting more money cite increased charitable giving since the start of the pandemic and the substantial returns of the stock market. On the other hand, those who expect their funds to dip cite the loss of government aid programs (e.g., Paycheck Protection Program), muted investment return expectations for 2022, and asset pool impairment from 2020 (e.g., because of special distributions).

2022 Nonprofit Trends: Hiring

As we’ve discussed, the “Great Resignation” has hit nonprofits as well as for profits. However, nonprofits also stand to benefit from the trend. Many workers are leaving corporate jobs in search of more meaning in their work. Nonprofits that can effectively recruit employees from a variety of sources may have an opportunity to find new talent.

Since 2020, many organizations have had a renewed interest in DEIA work. In 2022, we expect that trend to continue with less emphasis on the “why” and more emphasis on the “how.”

2022 Nonprofit Trends: Hybrid vs Remote vs In-Person

Hybrid and remote work are not going anywhere. Concerns about Covid and the Omicron variant have delayed many organization’s return to office. On top of that, many organizations have discovered that work they thought needed to be done in office can actually be done quite well from home. Organizations that want to keep valued employees need to be flexible with work locations, but still keep equity issues in mind.

2022 Nonprofit Trends: Communications

According to Forbes, Social media remains highly important for nonprofits and for-profits alike. According to Charity First, TikTok and the often-overlooked Reddit are poised to take over social media prominence from the troubled Facebook. It’s important that nonprofits resist the urge to be on every platform. Social media is like any other kind of communication, it takes patience, effort, and listening to be effective.

2022 Nonprofit Trends: Technology

In the digital age, technology and communications go hand in hand. Remote and hybrid work will obviously require nonprofits to update their office technology. But organizations relying on volunteers and donors might also want to investigate technology updates. Apps that increase flexibility for donors and volunteers may make help your organization run smoother.

While we can always do the research and make predictions, no one could have predicted the social and political changes of the last two years. The best way to make sure your organization is ready for whatever 2022 brings is to make sure you have a strong vision and mission, a flexible strategic plan, and the ability to manage change.

We wish you and your organization a healthy and happy new year. Please let us know how we can help you in 2022.