This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate a different type of bond – a purposeful connection, the unsung hero behind every success story at home and work. 

The beauty of connection lies in its essence, it’s all about understanding, as beautifully captured in my new parenting book, “Good Inside“. In this book, Kennedy emphasizes how a meaningful connection with our children can unleash a peaceful and harmonious relationship. But, the significance of connection isn’t limited to our personal lives, it transcends into our professional world as well.

A purposeful connection at work, especially during strategic planning, can turn the tides in our favor. The real strength in strategic planning isn’t solely in the plan itself but in the people involved. The stronger our connection with the client, the staff, and the board, the higher our chances of seeing our strategy succeed. Imagine, creating and implementing a plan which is not just accepted but embraced by everyone involved. That’s the power of connection!

As articulated in the latest episode, Hidden Brain, by guest sociologist Rob Willer, connecting is more influential in helping someone else understand your perspective than a solid, logical argument. At Brighter Strategies, we believe in the immense power of Purposeful Connection. Our strategic planning process is built around this fundamental principle, recognizing that a successful strategy is born not from one-dimensional logic or siloed insights but from a rich tapestry of shared understanding, engagement, and mutual respect.

Inclusivity and Collaboration are the core values that guide our approach. We recognize the value of collective wisdom and seek to harness the unique contributions of every stakeholder in your organization. We don’t just create a plan – we cultivate a culture of belonging and ownership towards the strategic vision.

In the spirit of purposeful connection, we prioritize deep connections with stakeholders, especially those less known to us. The process is not just about gathering insights; it’s about fostering understanding and engagement. This approach allows us to unearth valuable perspectives, create a strategic plan that reflects everyone’s vision, and harness their collective commitment.

As your committed partners, we prioritize purposeful connection in our interaction with you. We listen, understand, and work alongside you to develop a strategy that resonates with your unique mission and vision. Our approach isn’t restricted to logical planning mechanisms or external challenges; we delve deep into the heart of your organization to foster meaningful relationships and build a successful, collaborative process.

Our goal is not to provide generic solutions; instead, we aim to celebrate your organization’s unique identity in our strategic planning process. Your culture, aspirations, and distinctiveness form the heart of the strategy we co-create with you.

Let this Valentine’s Day be a milestone in celebrating and strengthening the bonds that matter most, guided by understanding and purpose. 

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us!