two women creating a vision board

This week the Brighter Strategies team is having a team building event focused on creating individual Vision Boards. It seemed like a good time to revisit and update this post from a few years ago.

Vision boards are popular in personal development, but they’re also helpful for business development. Just as you might need a visual reminder of your personal goals, your organization can benefit from a visual reminder of the organization’s goals.

What Is a Vision Board

The idea behind a vision board is simple. It’s a graphic tool that makes it easy to picture your goals and how you’re going to reach them. Pictures are arranged to clearly establish a plan for success.

While these tools were originally developed for personal success, the idea can easily be applied to a business or an organization to help it grow.

Why Vision Boards Work

What is it that makes a vision board an effective tool for developing an organization?

  • Its simplicity can help you stay focused.
    Because a vision board is such an easy tool to use, anyone can do it. Its simple nature makes defining goals easy. All you really need are visual representations of your beginning, your goal, and the steps that come in the middle. If you need a reminder on the way towards  your goal, you will have it right there in front of you.
  • It taps into different learning styles.
    While some employees may excel at writing, and some at presentations, other people do best when allowed to express themselves visually. Using a variety of tools, including visual tools, means that everyone in your organization has a chance to shine.
  • It gives employees something to rally around.
    Your business can only be successful if the people working on it feel invested. A vision board is an easy and effective way to create that investment. As your business grows, make sure that employees on your team are familiar with what pictures your vision for your organization contains and how it affects the company. Not only that, but allow them to contribute so that they feel as though they have a personal stake in the company. They will become more productive, and that will only mean good things for your company.
  • It can lead to innovation.
    No matter what industry you’re in, you want to stand apart from your competition. Having a tangible vision can help you do just that. Once you build your vision with pictures, you may get inspired by other ideas that grow from the path you’re establishing toward your goal. These paths can easily branch out into business developments.

There’s a lot of advice out there about how to make a vision board. Simply adapt the concept of a personal vision board for your organization.

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