Program Evaluation

Brighter Strategies is an expert in collaborative, participatory, evaluation work done with a DEI Lens. 

Program evaluation helps organizations answer key questions, identify program needs, and improve programs and their processes to better serve communities.  

Our unique approach is grounded in scientific vigor and is practical for any community. Our goal with every client is to custom design solutions that fit your evaluation needs and budget, while building your capacity to conduct future evaluations. 

Although we specialize in evaluation services for nonprofits and associations, we have performed evaluations for organizations of all types and sizes.

“I’ve been doing logic models for years and never really understood them until engaging with Brighter Strategies.”

Evaluation cycle

Services Offered Include:

Full Evaluation Plans 

Qualitative and Quantitative Research 

Theory of Change  

Logic Model  

Model Testing 

Program Evaluation   

Organizational Evaluation 

Process Evaluation  

Impact Evaluation 

Evaluation coaching 

Advanced analytics/analysis  

Our Evaluation Work Is:

Collaborative – We work with you to determine the questions you want answered and the best possible ways of answering them. 

Scalable – We work with organizations and budgets of all sizes and develop plans that can be scaled up or down for your needs. 

Participatory –We engage the right stakeholders at the right time. 

Iterative – We’ll change our evaluation plan as needed, based on the information we receive. 

Equity-based – Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are cornerstones of our work and any successful program. When designing evaluation programs, we use a DEI lens to make sure we’re on the right track. 

Your Organization, Just Better

Conducting Evaluation with a DEI Lens

Evaluation is not always the objective, fact-based process we think it is. Our own biases and blind spots can affect the outcome of an evaluation process. That’s why it’s important to conduct evaluation using a lens focused around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Program Evaluation

Program evaluation is a powerful driver to establish a culture of data-driven decision-making across your organization. It assesses how well you are using program resources, justifies the existence of your program, highlights the impact of your program on the community in terms of strong outcomes, and ensures an organization’s programs are focused on continuous quality improvement.

This workbook will teach you how program planning and program improvements are based on solid evaluation data. Learn to write meaningful evaluation questions and determine the evaluation method that works best for your program goals. Finally, you will develop a practical data collection plan that fits within the tools you currently use, and share your evaluation results with critical stakeholders.

Evaluating Performance Outcomes ebook